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    I'm a small one person company.....That's right, just me. Everything I do is made to order 100% from scratch right here in house. I press my drum shells incorporating many very old and very new techniques. I only build 3 kits and about a dozen snares a year.

    Because of the extremely small production size I am able to use some of the most phenomenal woods in existence.  I source only enough materials to make one kit or one snare at a time.  I enjoy using urban forested materials & reclaimed lumber and I am always excited to re purpose heirloom furniture. Thats right your favorite piece of furniture can be  steam bent into your new favorite drum!

   I approach each new project by starting with the sound you want. Whether it be an era of classic drum manufacturing or your favorite recording, we can figure out the best way to get there. I can make a drum out of any material you can dream up and I get especially excited when working with clients that like to think outside the box.




     I have extensive expertise in the creation of hot formed steam bent single ply shells, directionally laminated voiced shells,  tension balanced single ply shells and hybrid ply shells.  I can use carbon fiber laminates, Kevlar laminates, Nomex cores, glass impregnation, metal impregnation and any wood species in existence to create your sound.

     I can embellish your next dream drum with exotic veneer, fabric, canvass or paper lamination as well as inlay mother of pearl, stone, glass and metal.  I can hand carve lugs, hoops and grommets and  even laser cut custom badges with your original artwork. If you are interested in an even more unique look,  photo transfer and emulsion processes are available.

     I guarantee my craftsmanship for life. Period. No disclaimers no fine print until the day I die. If you ever have an issue send it back and I'll repair or replace it for free.

      In order to keep cost down I do not give out endorsements but if you are a working musician or educator and you qualify and participate in any governmental assistance program WIC, EBT etc I will sell any of my prototype drums to you at dead cost plus half off labor.


- Dan Briechle

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Private Drum Building Courses !

     I am only going to be taking orders for new builds from here on out. It seams every time I list something for sale in the Online drum community it's sold with in a matter of hours; long before it ever reaches this site. I suppose there are worse problems to have but for the time being If you would like one of my sets or snares please contact me directly through the link at the bottom of the page. I currently have openings starting in the summer of 2017 which would give you a delivery date of Winter 2018.



      I am offering private and semi private courses in ply drum shell construction, single ply drum shell construction and drum restoration in my private studio in Denver Colorado. Whether you choose to come to Denver for a weekend to build a snare or a full week to build a kit, all of my classes are designed to give you a foundational knowledge with which you can continue to build and create on your own. Everything we build together will be completely from the ground up!


     What we can cover...

- Bending laminating ply shells

- Steam bending shells

- Vacuum bag techniques

- Mold making

- Directionally lamination carbon fiber lamination, glass lamination, fabric lamination & finish veneer

- Finishing

- Wood hoop construction, Segmented hoop construction and wood lug construction,

- Nest conversions, re ring installation & re wrapping

 ... basically you name it we can do it!


    As all of my instruction is private your course will be tailored to suit your learning needs.  If there is a specific topic that you would like instruction with please contact me. I'd be happy to design a course for you!



- Dan Briechle

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